When will my subscription renew and when will I be charged?

Your plan will renew and charge on the 30th of Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, and Nov

Bi-monthly plans renew every 2-months, 6-month plans renews every 6-months, and 12-month plans renews every 12-months.

Members-only site plan renews every 3-months.

When do you ship the subscription boxes?

Your first box will be shipped out immediately with your future boxes shipped out on the 12th of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec.

What about the other months?

Feel free to order any discounted individual products from your members-only store with on-demand FREE shipping.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is included in all subscription plans shipped to Canada and USA (non-trackable).

Do you serve International customers?

Unfortunately we only sell and ship within Canada and USA.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to see you go! You can cancel your subscription at any time. We will either refund you the remainder amount or discontinue your monthly payments. To cancel your membership please login to your My Account site area.  

Please note, you need to cancel before the 30th of the month before your renewal date.

I can't log into my account? 

Please head to www.keto4allcanada.com/members and create a new login and password.

Within 48 hours your account will be approved.  

Do you offer refunds?

If a product is defective or if something is missing or damaged, you may return it and we will send you a new item or credit your account.

All refunds are subject to a refund processing fee. 

Please read Terms of Service for more information.


Are your boxes gluten-free, vegan, nut-free?

We can offer substitutions for our gluten-free and vegan subscribers. Please contact us to notify us of your nutritional preferences.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer this same substitution service to our nut-free followers.